>I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling around southern Ontario, helping some and having fun too!  As a result, I packed my “secret weapon” – yes…it’s instant coffee…but mine is unique because it’s infused with green tea, bacopa monnieri herb, and gotu kola herb – WHOA!  Packs a punch without the after effects…anyways…that’s for another time…

So my instant coffee and I hit the road…and enjoyed the big city life mixed with the scenic wonders of the wilderness.  Then I saw it….it was a Second Cup!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  I usually order a large skinny vanilla bean latté….mmm….and that’s ezxactly what I did!  I ordered it up and then added my “secret weapon“… I wasn’t tired from travelling after that!

Ok…having said all that, I wanted a coffee cozy that was thick enough that I didn’t get burnt, and not too girly…and that’s when the Chocolate Tuxedo Pie Coffee Cozy was created!

The texture really gives a good grip, the thickness keeps your coffee warm and your hand cool…and because I LOVE making cozies out of cotton, this cozy will absorb drips and doubles nicely as wash cloth in a pinch!  It fits a Venti Starbucks cup or a large Second Cup cup.

So for all those who may be interested in something a little different, then this may be for you 🙂

Here’s the pattern….ENJOY!

Chocolate Tuxedo Pie Coffee Cozy
By Melissa Van Eyk
You Will Need:
 US G/4mm Hook
US (between C and D) 3mm Hook
Worsted weight cotton in coffee
Worsted weight cotton in dark brown
Chunky weight cotton in cream

(I have chosen to use cotton for this cozy. It’s perfect if you dribble a little coffee down your cup, the cozy will absorb it without making a mess or getting your hand wet. If you spill your coffee, this cozy can double as a washcloth in a pinch, as cotton is very absorbent)


Fsc = foundation single crochet
Sc = single crochet
MC = main color
CC1 = first contrast color
CC2 = second contrast color
FO = Fasten off

Fsc 32 in MC (or length to fit your favorite coffee cup) – (I used coffee)

orch 33 in MC (or length to fit your favorite coffee cup)

Row 1: sc across the row. Ch1.

Row 2: Repeat row 1

Row 3: sc around the post of the sc in the row below bringing the loop level with the top of the piece, anchoring it to the sc behind. Repeat across the row and ch 1.

Row 4: sc, skip the next st, *sc, skip the next st, sc*. Repeat *-* across the row. Ch 1.

Row 5: sc around the post of the sc below, between the raised sc from the previous row, creating an alternating pattern.

Row 6: Repeat row 4

– Continue in pattern for 3 more rows or until desired size. You should have 14 rows in total (or to desired size).

– When you reach the end of a row that has just a single post, sc around it as you would any other sc. (Crochet on the loose side. If you crochet too tightly, the fabric will curl)

Edging: In CC1, sc in each sc around the entire piece twice. (I used dark brown)

             In CC2, sc in each sc around the entire piece once. (I used cream)

**NOTE** When working the edging, work 2 rows of worsted weight and if you are using the chunky weight, only one row is necessary **
With a 3mm hook, and using the magic circle loop, 4 dc. Draw string to tighten the circle and FO leaving a tail. Tie the two tails together to make the button rounder and tighter. Sew buttons along the edge of the cozy – see picture for placement:

Take the cream yarn (or preferred contrast color) and wrap it around each button, securing as you go around (tack it in a few places to keep it in tact).

Fit the cozy to your favorite coffee cup and mark where it should join. Sew together to fit cup and enjoy! (You can modify this to have a button closure, but I sew mine just because I like it)

**Note from Melissa**

-The stitch I have chosen to use in this pattern is nicely textured for grip and is very thick (keeps your hand cool and your coffee hot).

– I have made this cozy wider than most. It fits a Venti Starbucks cup perfectly, or a large from Second Cup which is normally the size of cup I use. My hand also fits on the cozy very nicely without overlapping onto the cup. This keeps your entire hand from being burnt and also keeps your coffee warmer longer. Please feel free to make it to your desired size. If you are using acrylic yarn, please not that the yarn (depending on the weight) will produce a slightly thinner fabric, but stretches better than the cotton.

I hope you enjoy this cozy as much as I do – I take mine everywhere…and never leave home without it…seriously…it’s in my purse!

Hooks ready and mugs up!
Melissa and her man Al